Working with Nova Scotians who are stepping up to build a brighter future.

From Sydney to Yarmouth, Nova Scotians are stepping up to build the future we want –  one where a vibrant economy supports our unique quality of life, and where we work together to help each other thrive.

At Engage, we’re helping support and guide that work by:

1. Introducing a more complete way to measure success – one that looks at both our economy and our quality of life.

This fall we’re launching the first province-wide Index and Survey of Wellbeing in Canada: to identify what we are doing well, where we need to do better and check our progress over time. It will inspire ideas for improvements across a range of interconnected priorities like living standards and community vitality, and establish a common platform for moving those ideas forward.

2. Equipping municipalities with tools to work more effectively with the public.

Engage is working with municipal governments to model a new kind of governance – one that mobilizes citizens and brings sectors together around shared priorities. We are working directly with communities like Amherst to engage residents, and providing training to municipal leaders at workshops across the province.

3. Revealing a new story about what it means to be Nova Scotian.

We’re gathering stories about what Nova Scotians are doing to make their communities better, and sharing them broadly via podcasts and social media. By shining a light on inspiring stories and difficult challenges, we’re highlighting new approaches to old problems and celebrating the can-do spirit that propels us forward.

4. Building a network of engaged citizens across the province.

We are building the skills and capacity of small groups and individuals taking grassroots action to deliver better outcomes for their communities. We offer training on essential skills, webinars on bright ideas from around the world, online resources and workshops that bring leaders together for learning and support.

5. Giving families a simple way to reach out and welcome new neighbours.

Helping newcomers feel at home is one of the easiest ways Nova Scotians can build a stronger province. Heading into its fourth year, our successful Share Thanksgiving program matches hosts, new immigrants and international students over home-based Thanksgiving dinners. It’s a rewarding way to make new friends and grow the roots of community.


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