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As published on on March 23, 2017:

Your publication recently reported on suggestions that Engage Nova Scotia was over-funded and that our CEO was receiving a favour from the provincial government through his work with Engage.

This is false.

Engage is an independent, unaffiliated NGO. We are solely responsible for the hiring of Danny Graham and the compensation he receives. Danny has enjoyed the confidence of people from all political stripes and has a stellar record of success.

He undergoes the scrutiny all responsible boards require of all CEOs – evaluations, performance reviews and operational oversight.

We are pleased that the provincial government, first under a previous government and now under the current government, has led financial support. The backing doesn’t stop there, however; we receive donations and in-kind support from the private sector, individuals, other not-for-profits and municipalities.

Engage has undertaken dozens of activities, and in virtually every one of them we have done evaluations of participants’ experiences. Consistently the evaluations are top notch.

Most importantly, we are having an impact – in an area that, until the Ivany report, remained largely unspoken of – the need to get out of our own way and shift the culture of distrust, division and discouragement.

Our province has much to offer, but we will not realize our potential until we do the work that Engage is asking of everyone – that more of us be informed – more of us step up – and more of us be collaborative, inclusive and adaptive to change.

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Ramona Lumpkin, CM
Board Chair of Engage Nova Scotia


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