Stepping Up Agenda

Stepping Up Agenda 

Subject to change

9:00  Arrival, check-in. Live-streaming: Slide show of projects and initiatives from around the province.

9:30  Opening. Live-streaming: Welcome, Mi'kmaq prayer, orientation to the day. 

9:40  Taking the temperatureLive-streaming: Who’s here? What are we thinking? What is our research revealing?  Includes live polling and keynote by Danny Graham.

10:30 Stepping up for change. Break-out sessions. Each session includes hearing from 2-3 initiatives followed by facilitated exchange.

12:30 Lunch/networking.

1:15. Stepping up: what are we learning? Live-streaming: sharing themes from across sessions and locations.   

2:00  Ray Ivany remarks and dialogue. Live-streaming (including questions invited from all locations).  

2:45  Moving forward. Action steps and commitments, facilitated exchange.

4:15  Closing. Live-streaming: Remarks, next steps. 

4:30  Depart.

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