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“Lowering the Waterline”—A Deep Democracy Workshop

with Myrna Lewis and Sera Thompson
Date: October 8, 2015
Time: 9am-12pm
Location: McInnes Cooper, 1300 1969 Upper Water, Halifax, NS B3J 3R7

Tickets: $35.00. Register in advance.


The Now or Never Report gave us a diagnosis. Now what? How do we work together to discover the cure? And how do we include more voices without getting stalled in endless talk or mired in conflict?

Even when there’s a will to change, invisible barriers can hold us back. Resistance in the form of apathy and distrust is often rooted in a history of not being included in decisions that affect us. These barriers live below the “waterline”—out of sight but still at play.

Deep Democracy was born in South Africa at the end of the Apartheid era. The need to move forward—together—was urgent. People needed tools that were simple to use and that made it possible for all players to come on board and forge new pathways. Since that time, the Deep Democracy toolkit has been adopted in businesses, education systems, and communities around the world.

We are fortunate to welcome Myrna Lewis, co-founder of Deep Democracy, to Nova Scotia this fall. In this workshop, Myrna and Sera Thompson will demonstrate several of the DD tools. Together we will assess how these tools could be applied to our work in Nova Scotia.

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Who is Myrna Lewis?

Myrna_Lewis_Pic.pngMyrna Lewis is co-founder of the Lewis Method of Deep Democracy. Originally trained as a clinical psychologist, she entered the corporate world as HR director in 1984. She then she has since been facilitating large-scale transformation processes within corporate, NGO and social activist organizations in South Africa and internationally. Myrna is recipient of a 2001 Ashoka Fellowship award, which supported her work with South African teachers and HIV/Aids counsellors. In 2012 Myrna became involved with the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, which used Deep Democracy to involve citizens in major decisions through large-scale community dialogues. Myrna continues to travel the world to facilitate Deep Democracy training and processes.

Who is Sera Thompson?

Sera_Thompson.jpgSera Thompson is a social entrepreneur and co-founder of The Hub in Halifax.  She is also a board member of the ALIA Institute and a senior trainer of Deep Democracy and the Art of Hosting. Sera has recently worked on several Nova Scotian initiatives addressing public health, sustainable food, and systemic racism issues. She has lived and worked in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Southern Africa and currently makes her home in Nova Scotia.




Where can I learn more?

You can check out the Deep Democracy website or attend our upcoming event.


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