Make Democracy Better


In the spirit of the Ivany Report’s call for a change in “politics as usual,” Engage partnered with Springtide to advance the non-partisan initiative Make Democracy Better, which prompts thoughtful conversations across the province. Through town hall meetings, Springtide fostered fresh, citizen-led thinking about how we can improve political discourse and our democratic institutions, with the goal of identifying the best voting system for Nova Scotia.

In July 2016, we co-hosted an event with Springtide that explored alternative voting models and a lively discussion of their pros and cons. In preparation for these events, Springtide released a discussion paper called Better Choices: Voting System Alternatives for Canada. Using audience response polling technology, we learned that 68 percent of people in the room thought that a Mixed Member Proportional Representation system should be used in Nova Scotia. To view all of the results from the session, click here.



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