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It’s been a lively time, as people from Yarmouth to Sydney tune in to an Engage series on CBC Radio’s Mainstreet program. For five weeks in a row starting April 11, Danny Graham and host Bob Murphy kicked off a different topic every Monday, sparked by the results of a survey involving 1000 Nova Scotians. This was followed by a panel discussion on Wednesday, a weekly online blog, and video clips from people around the province on Facebook. 

And what were all these people talking about? Our attitudes and how they can either propel us forward or hold us back. You may remember that the Ivany Report said that our economic and demographic challenges can’t be solved without a shift in mindsets. So Engage set out to discover what we actually believe and what we are each willing to do to make our province all it could be. 

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Coming to a community near you!

In the coming weeks the CBC-Engage conversation is hitting the streets. Join us for a lively exchange with CBC host Bob Murphy on the mainland and Wendy Bergfeldt in Cape Breton. Find out what your neighbours think about where we’re going and what is possible. Coverage from each event will be aired the following day, on CBC’s Mainstreet. Mark your calendar now.
  • Cape Breton, June 1
  • Digby County, June 7
  • Pictou County, June 14
  • Halifax, June 20
Stay tuned to our Facebook page and website for more details.

Everyone Matters 2


Amherst takes another step

On the evening of April 27, over 100 people from the Amherst area came together to help build a stronger community. This was the second of two events that were co-hosted by Engage and the Town of Amherst.

At an earlier session, on February 17, the community had identified six priorities—downtown revitalization, business growth, expanding tourism, youth retention and attraction, trails and recreation, and ways to build an age-friendly community. Then at this second event, people organized themselves into groups and identified available resources, hurdles, solutions and next steps for each topic. Everyone then placed themselves on a “commitment circle” to ensure that these initiatives would get traction moving forward. Follow-up meetings have already begun in each of the six areas.

At Engage we are excited by the momentum that is building from these events. We look forward seeing what the future holds for Amherst and Cumberland County.  

What is collective impact?

CI3.jpegApril 19-21, a Tamarack team led a three-day workshop on Collective Impact in Halifax and three Engage team members attended. Collective Impact is a results-oriented framework that guides organizations ready to collaborate around complex issues like poverty, youth retention, and grassroots economic development. At Engage we see CI as one of many tools that can help communities and regions address challenges that are too complex for one organization or group to tackle alone. Find out more

Worldviews colliding

Amherst_2.jpgOn April 18, we were delighted to co-host a workshop with Kathy Jourdain and Jerry Nagel of Shape Shift Strategies at the Halifax Central Library. After a primer on the Worldview Intelligence work they have pioneered, we were led through a series of exercises that helped uncover the hidden beliefs and assumptions that may get in the way of us connecting around shared work—or increase our ability to connect once we understand them. Participants left the session with an enhanced appreciation for the value of learning to recognize one's own perspectives, as well as see from the eyes of others.

Watch the workshop video here.

Kathy and Jerry will lead a more in-depth workshop May 30–June 1. Use the code EngageNS2016 to receive a 15% discount. Click here to find out more.

Election game-changer?

Springtidelogo.jpgA couple of weeks ago the Springtide Collective released Better Choices, a discussion paper that explores alternatives to Nova Scotia’s current voting system. Springtide, with support from Engage, is now hosting community events across the province to invite everyone’s input. Check out the website to find out when Springtide will be in your region.

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