May 2015 newsletter


Plans for a province-wide Stepping Up conference continue to develop, with six communities now on board. A video tells the story of a day-long Engage Inverness County event attended by 120 people. Engage and friends decided to celebrate the end of winter with an impromptu "It's OK 2 Git Outside" Day.

"Engage is working with a growing number of partners and friends to create a moment when Nova Scotians can come together—to learn from courageous examples and prepare to take the next few steps that will move us all forward."

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April 2015 newsletter



Visits with business and community leaders taking the initiative in Amherst, Truro, Fall River and Liverpool, and first news of a Stepping Up conference in June.

"On June 16, more than a year after the release of the OneNS ('Ivany') Report, 300 people will come together in the new Halifax Central Library—with more meeting in locations around the province. This will be a time to regroup, take stock and mobilize efforts to address the challenges and opportunities we see in our communities and our province."

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March 2015 newsletter


A visit to Barrington that surfaced opportunities for citizen engagement, a radio interview, and a snapshot of community hubs in Nova Scotia and across Canada.  

"From the Old School Gathering place in Musquodoboit Harbour to New Dawn's Centre for Social Innovation in the former Holy Angels High School in Sydney, from the People's Place in a Revitalized Antigonish public library and forming plans for a community hub in the River John School, Nova Scotians are seizing opportunities to create vibrant centres of learning, connection and innovation in their communities."

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February 2015 newsletter


Ideas Marketplace, Springtide Better Politics Awards, and a South Shore Youth initiative

"More than 30 people from across the province gathered at Cole Harbour Place to move forward five project ideas. Some were green shoots needing early direction, energy and support; others were more mature, ready for advice about next steps."

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January 2015 newsletter


Announcement about Engage hosting the first Canadians for a New Partnership forum, and a community conversation and tourism exchange in Shelburne.

"Danny and Nancy joined a group of community members in Shelburne to talk about how we can enrich the soil of our communities through engagement. We talked about approaches to engagement (participatory processes, going back to the basics), conditions for engagement(building trust, being brave, being more accepting), and actions for engagement (bridging the gap between local government and the general public, tapping into local talent."

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December 2014 newsletter



Share Thanksgiving, Make Democracy Better, UNSM Engagement Training, and the excitement of launching our first newsletter.

"In its first year of participation in [Share Thanksgiving], ENS matched more Nova Scotia families with newcomers than anywhere else in the country, with the exception of Toronto. More than 900 people participated as dinner hosts or guests, and we had solid uptake in social and traditional media. It was a great way to introduce Nova Scotians to some of what Engage Nova Scotia is all about: everyday people coming together in new ways to take steps towards a more inclusive and vibrant future for all Nova Scotians."

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