November 2016 newsletter


Photo courtesy Robin Johnston, Windhorse Farm

As the days get shorter and the U.S. election reveals deep divides in that country, it seems like a good time to pause and reflect. How can we as Nova Scotians avoid going down a similar path? How can we be sure to find our way forward together, even when the going gets tough? The U.S. election and everything that led up to it reminds us that every small step we take defines us, as people and as communities. 

At Engage we are taking this lesson to heart. We see initiatives like Share Thanksgiving as an example of positive "small steps." But we also know that it takes time and effort to build real relationships, especially with people whose background and stories are different than our own. If Nova Scotia is to become more vibrant, inclusive and resilient—as we like to promote—then our team also needs to take that time, walk that talk. In the coming months we will continue to widen our circle of relationships so that our 2017 gatherings more richly represent all of the people and communities that make up our province.

Host a table, welcome a family


Community Dinner
November 22, 5:00–7:30 pm
Pier 21, Halifax

Don't miss this chance to welcome newcomers from Syria, Nepal and other countries. Sign up and we will match you with guests at your own table. There will be time to tour the museum, enjoy a supper and meet new families and international students, all with a touch of fun and culture for young and old alike. 

Thanksgiving weekend was a huge success… thanks to you!


infographic.jpgThis year, more people than ever before signed up to participate in Share Thanksgiving, especially in the Halifax region. International Students made up an amazing 65% of all applications, thanks to the support of their campus international centres. Hosts were joined by guests from 40 different countries!

More stories were shared this year too. From CTV’s Kelly Linehan’s coverage of a host and guest who stay in touch, to CBC’s Blair Sanderson talking to a host who was preparing a Halal dinner for her guests, or Holly Conners' story on the excitement of the guests as they looked forward to their first thanksgiving dinner, Nova Scotians were talking about Share Thanksgiving.

A big thank you to all who applied, participated, shared the story, or helped out this year!

Click on the infographic to find out more. 

Three keys for working well with others

Kahane.jpgThanks to Laura Whitman for capturing these tips from the recent Engage workshop with Adam Kahane:

  1. You don’t need to like people to collaborate with them.
  2. You don’t need to agree on the problem before you start
  3. You don’t know until you try.

Read more…

Tell your story, influence policy

stories_(1).jpgEveryone is invited to take part in a long-term research project that will influence provincial policy for years to come. The Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage is collecting responses to four questions about culture and what it means to be Nova Scotian.

Simply go to, pick one question, and write a story about your own experience. Repeat as many times as you like, and encourage others to visit the site as well.

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