We are an unaffiliated coalition of Nova Scotians from the public, private, voluntary and academic sectors.


  • Nova Scotia is facing unprecedented economic, demographic, social and environmental challenges.
  • The responsibility to develop bold ideas and innovative solutions needs to be shared by everyone – especially citizens.
  • Through a fundamentally deeper and broader process of dialogue and collaboration – amongst government, business, institutions, the voluntary sector and engaged citizens – we can effectively tackle the challenges we face.
  • Most of what we need is already here in the communities, culture and people of Nova Scotia.


Engage Nova Scotia will help foster the emergence of a more vibrant, inclusive and resilient society by promoting and enabling the engagement and collaboration of all Nova Scotians in designing and building the future we want.


  • Connect with groups and individuals from across society to promote the more meaningful participation of all Nova Scotians in shaping our future
  • Promote, illuminate and enable diverse conversations focused on:
  • Change and innovation at the community and provincial levels
  • The future of Nova Scotia – who we are, what we’re after and how we get there
  • Build capacity for engagement and collaboration through training and education
  • Strategically connect, support and partner with networks of innovative people, organizations and communities
  • Facilitate an ongoing process of learning and change: document experiences and lessons learned; tap into the growing body of knowledge from complementary initiatives around the world; and create opportunities for dialogue and reflection
  • Conduct research and analysis that contributes to an evolving narrative about our communities and province


  • More Nova Scotians are engaged in public conversations and decision-making about issues and questions that are relevant to their lives, their communities and the province as a whole.
  • Practical, affordable and resilient ideas flourish and get acted on.
  • Structures and processes emerge that better support ongoing collaboration.
  • A culture of learning and change is fostered.
  • An attitude of confidence and shared purpose is cultivated.
  • A more vibrant, inclusive and resilient Nova Scotia narrative is revealed.


  • What is the Nova Scotia we want to leave for future generations?
  • What are our untapped economic, social and cultural advantages?
  • What innovations in leadership, collaboration and opportunity are possible?
  • How can we build capacity for to tackle complex issues and opportunities?
  • Who needs to be part of the building?


  • We actively seek to include diverse voices - from all cultural communities, from all parts of the province and from as many perspectives as possible.
  • How we do things is as important as what we do.
  • We move forward in a spirit of responding to opportunities, supporting one another to take risks, and learning as we go.
  • We create just enough structure to support our activities, while staying lean, nimble and transparent.
  • We operate in a collaborative, neutral and open space that no one individual or organization owns or controls.


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