In Nova Scotia the relationship between Mi’kmaq people and non-Mi’kmaq people has been evolving for 400 years. We still have a long way to go in building trust, respect and understanding, but signs of hope are appearing and it is time to take the relationship to a new level.

Only through a deeper understanding of our shared past and common future can we realize our collective potential. Building understanding and strengthening relationships will be our cornerstone to progress.

Every long journey begins with a single step and in recent decades we have seen promising signs of improving relations – in hunting, forestry, economic development and especially education.

The Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey (“MK”) initiative is a beacon to other jurisdictions and First Nations across Canada looking to improve education outcomes for aboriginal youth. It symbolizes the confidence of the Mi’kmaq people and a commitment to revitalizing the Mi’kmaq language and culture.

The Peace and Friendship treaties formalize a relationship that we continue today.  Creating awareness and understanding of our shared treaty relationship is an important step towards creating a better future for all Nova Scotians.

Education – whether in school, in public or in government – is the foundation of a healthy society.

Much more needs to happen to build goodwill across economic, social, environmental, political and cultural lines. And more Nova Scotians need to be a part of that process of education.

For this reason we are hosting this event:


Our reward will be a more inclusive Nova Scotia, where everyone has a stake in our future – Mi’kmaq and non-Mi’kmaq alike. Together we can build a powerful partnership that propels us all forward.

For more information on Treaty Education Nova Scotia view the facebook page. For more information on Canadians for a New Partnership visit their website or view their videoClick here to sign the Declaration of Canadians for a New Partnership.

Due to an exceptional level of interest, we have opened a waiting list for this event. Please click here to sign up for the waiting list.

November 16, 2015 at 8:45am - 1:30pm
Paul O'Regan Hall, Halifax Central Library
5440 Spring Garden Rd
Halifax, NS B3J 1E9
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