September 2015 newsletter


Thanks for the hospitality!

Many thanks to our hosts in the communities we visited over the summer—in East Hants, Amherst, Greenwich, Middleton, Sydney, Truro and Tatamagouche. 

This is the season to be grateful for the harvest of summer, to share the bounty with family and friends, and extend our hospitality to others. We've heard a similar theme in follow-up conversations to the Stepping Up conference. Conveners are now realizing it's time to reach beyond their familiar circles. They are asking, Who else needs to be in this conversation? Who are the new friends and allies that could help strengthen our work? This is often challenging to do, but making the effort will make all the difference—business leaders reaching out to community folks, community leaders reaching out to their municipalities, and everyone looking for ways to engage more youth and newcomers. 

In that same spirit, Engage is once again playing match-maker for Thanksgiving dinner. Sign up now, as guest or host, and enjoy summer's bounty together.

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