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Like so many Nova Scotians, the Engage team spent precious time this summer enjoying our beautiful province with friends and family. The staff and board also gathered for a day in Inverness County, where we hiked to Uisge Ban falls and then listened to local Councilors and young Mi’kmaq leaders, who deepened our understanding of Cape Breton life, its promises and challenges.

This summer we also set the table for two upcoming events—a visit from Adam Kahane, who will bring his experience working with “tough collaborations” around the world; and Share Thanksgiving, where newcomers sit down for a meal and conversation with their Nova Scotian hosts. Check your calendar and sign up for these exciting opportunities now.


Five Myths of Collaboration

with Adam Kahane and Ian Prinsloo
September 26-28. Dalhousie University.

Free public lecture. Sept 26, 7:00-9:00 pm. Sign up now.

Hands-on seminar. Sept 27, 9:00 am-noon. $50. Register here

Workshop for teams. Sept 27, 1:00-6:00 pm and Sept 28, 9:30 am–3:30 pm. Apply now. A few spots are still available. 

In this series of events, Kahane and Prinsloo will share lessons learned from working with intractable challenges around the world. We will then connect these insights to some of the “tough collaborations” underway in our own province. 

Today in Nova Scotia, as in many other parts of the world, we are learning that no magic bullet or imported solution will solve our problems. Instead we need to put our heads together and roll up our sleeves in ways we haven't done before. Just as each community's challenges are unique, so are the solutions. At the same time, we can learn from others who have traveled down similar paths. We can avoid some of the same pitfalls and look for tips and strategies that will increase our chances for success. Over the past 25 years, Adam Kahane and his Reos colleagues have worked with multi-sector teams from across the globe on critical issues ranging from food sustainability, the drug problem in the Americas, health equity in the United States, and child development in Canada. Read more here. 


Make new friends over cranberries & conversation

Share Thanksgiving is an opportunity for hosts to welcome a newcomer family or international student to Thanksgiving dinner and for newcomers to experience Nova Scotian customs and hospitality. Anyway you slice it, you will be enjoying your pumpkin pie with people in your community who are eager to meet you. 

Watch this 3-minute video of two families coming together for Share Thanksgiving in Kentville.

Register Now! Last year was an amazing success and we are looking forward to matching even more families this year. Make sure you sign up to be a host or guest by October 5!

Participated Before? We want to share your story. Please send us an email answering these questions: What is the one thing you enjoyed most about your Share Thanksgiving dinner last year? What did you learn from this experience? Photos also welcome!

Find out more about Share Thanksgiving.

Questions? Call us at 902 407 2582 or send an email to


spur-logo-RGB.pngA Festival of Politics, Art & Ideas

Save the dates! October 28-20

Join today’s most provocative thinkers and scholars, artists and activists, journalists and entrepreneurs—from across the country and beyond—to share ideas worth spurring into action at the inaugural Halifax Spur Festival. Engage Nova Scotia is participating as sponsor and moderator for the Process of Progress session. See the schedule of events.

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