Stepping Up Conference


Let's Take Charge of Our Future!

A One-Day Province-Wide Conference in 12 Locations

with live-streaming from the Halifax Central Library

June 16, 2015

People are talking about the future of Nova Scotia at a level that most of us have never experienced. It's happening in coffee shops, beside water coolers, and around the kitchen table. How do we turn this talk into action?

On June 16, Engage Nova Scotia, the Halifax Partnership, the Cape Breton Partnership, the Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia, and many other partners, sponsors and friends came together to ignite a spark, illuminate stories of success, and mobilize action. 

In 12 communities across the province, the Stepping Up Conference engaged over 1600 Nova Scotians ready to create positive change. The event received extensive media coverage, with over 22 newspaper articles, and the #StepUpNS hashtag created a twitterstorm that surpassed any other in the country that day. Feedback from participants was also very positive—85% of people surveyed ranked the conference 7 out of 10 or higher.

After the conference, Engage Nova Scotia gathered all the examples and action steps that were generated that day and turned them into a collaborative wiki document. We also visited the conveners of all the satellite sites and continue to support regional groups and partners that stepped up on June 16.

Read the report for more details about Stepping Up locations and a self-evaluation of intended outcomes.


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